Pastor Dan Wiebesiek and Lori

Lay Leaders

Steve Green

Brad Osborne

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Brad Osborne

Church Council Chair

Brad Osborne

Church Council Secretary

Diane Breach

Finance Secretary

Marie Parrott

Treasurer/Stewardship Chair

Steve Green

Church Council

Pastor Dan Wiebesiek

Steve Green: Finance

Mark McNees: Trustees

Lloyd Munson: Worship

Donna Jirsa: Outreach

Dave York: SPPRC

Diane Breach: Secretary

Steve Green/ Brad Osborne: Lay Leader

Dave York: UMM Representative

Brad Osborne: Chair of Church Council

JC VanGinkle: Foundation

Katlyn Sondag: Education

Dave Auerbach: Audio / Visual 

Steve Green: Leadership Development

Lucy Newton: United Methodist Women

Marie Parrott: Admin Assistant / Finance Secretary

Paul Price: Memorials and Wills

United Methodist Women

President, Lucy Newton

Vice President, Sharon Hansen

Treasurer, Ginger Thomas

Secretary, Madonna Nisson

Communion Stewards

Lucy Newton

Kristi York

Our Missions Philosophy is the need continues to grow to meet requests around the corner and around the world, working together we can make a real difference.  We do our best to assist in those needs.  Throughout the year we put together Personal Dignity Kits, Layette Kits, & Student School Kits.  We then take these kits to Midwest Missions for distribution.

During the month of October we will help in one of the ways our church always steps up to do best -- BLANKET SUNDAYS.  For each $10 donated, a warm blanket will be given to some-one who needs the warmth and love it provides.