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The Communications Committee has been looking into a mass texting program that could be used on many different levels. A mass texting program would allow texts to be sent to specific groups that individuals can choose to sign up for. The program that we have opted to go with is called Rained Out. It is a free program, however, as with all social sites you may see some advertising attached to this. We would like to promote this so that any individual that would like to receive text alerts for one specific group, all groups, or a selection can easily sign up to receive these either by cell phone or email address.

The link to sign up for this mass texting program is:

The different groups include: Choir, Congregation Members, Dynamite Disciples, Grace Bells, Joy Ringers, Lions Den, Men’s Sunday Bible Study, Sisters, Sunday School, United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women, Youth Group-High School, and Youth Group-Middle School.

The process is very easy. The link will take you to the site where you put your ten digit cell phone number in or your email address. Then in the next step the site will send a validation code to either your cell phone or your email address that you put in. You will enter the validation number. The third and final step is to subscribe to any of the groups mentioned above that you would like to receive alerts for.

The Communications Committee along with the staff at First United Methodist Church would encourage everyone to sign up for this program. We feel in this day and age of technology this is the next step in trying to reach specific groups with any alerts, whether they are weather related cancellations, reminders for our youth programs about specific events, time changes, or any number of possibilities. If you have any questions or need assistance in setting this up, you can contact myself, Mary Ward at 712-249-1530 or Becky in the office at 712-243-3156. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or give assistance in any way.


Thank you!
Mary Ward
Communications Committee Chair


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