W.O.W. !!!   Atlantic United Methodist Church

Worship Survey

What do you most enjoy about attending services here?


What, if anything, would you change about attending services here?


What are some ways that you think we could make our church family more welcoming for new visitors?


Have you attended a different church in the last year? If so, what—if anything—did you enjoy about that church that is different from our church?


What time would be more beneficial to you and your friends for Sunday Morning Worship: please rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference!

9:00 am with Sunday School Afterwards                               9:30 am with Sunday School Afterwards

10:am with Sunday School Afterwards                                  10:00 am with Sunday School Before

10:30 with Sunday School Before                                           Other worship time:


What is one thing we should never change, about our church?


What is something we need to do better?


What is one thing I need to know to be your pastor?


Please circle your age bracket:  0-20,   20-35,   35-50,   50-70,   70 and greater!


_______________________________                             (Name Optional)